PowerCast Chambers program

Chambers program

There are new initiatives to find intergral solutions for the lack of space in the public underground. One of them is ‘Ongoing’, a group of public bodies, engeneering companies, schools, suppliers, contractors, advisors and several knowledge centres which intend to bundle expertise to getting the desired solutions.

Powercast is in the the core of ‘Ongoing’. Where other suppliers are specialised in transport, supply and removal of media, PowerCast brings foreign knowledge and products about distribution and collection in the hair-vessels of a network.

Since 2018, we import Cubis chambers (the Red Bull of infra) . We supply sizes up to 600x600mm. These products are specific for distribution networks to serve both public space and house connections. Since we started, we see an explosive increase in interest from both public as well as the private sector.

With a system of ducting pipes and chambers, there is no need for digging for every little change a network requires from time to time. If change becomes so easy, keeping up with the demands is no problem anymore. The costs of our hardware starts at ts about €10-12. So, what is stopping you?

Check out our special chamber website for more information.

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